A New Way Of Delivering The Data Center

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44% of power in traditional data centers is wasted

Check out the 451 research

100% of the capacity you do or do not use is billed

But we decided to change that

Aligned Data Centers' pay-for-use model minimizes your upfront commitment up to 70%


Instead of statically provisioned, fixed data center capacity

You can scale dynamically, only pay for what you use


And reserve
capacity without the risk of buying more than you will need

Which would you prefer?

We give you control of your Tier III certified data center

So you can deploy new capacity in increments that match IT demand


Mix and match rack densities from 1-50kW

# # #

Scale your data center footprint contiguously

With a guaranteed
1.15 PUE


85% less water


80% less energy used

Your data center will be both energy efficient and cost-effective


With savings you can see in real-time data

Isn't it time you took control of your data center?

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