With Aligned Data Centers as your partner, you can count on future-proof colocation solutions that scale to enterprises of all sizes and benefit your bottom line. We offer scalable colocation footprints, diverse network connectivity, and comprehensive data center services, enabling rapid deployment and reliable performance for the long haul.

Colocation Services

Featuring on-demand provisioning and cloud-inspired pricing, Aligned Data Centers’ colocation solutions keep resources and costs in sync with the evolving needs of business.

An implementation project manager will be assigned to help facilitate a smooth migration into modular colocation footprints that scale incrementally as you grow.

Colocation Footprints

Modular, fully enclosed colocation footprints easily scale to hundreds of racks, allowing you to expand your IT load horizontally and vertically — on demand. Our award-winning cooling system absorbs heat directly from your contained enclosure, creating an ultra-efficient environment that supports variable and high density power configurations.

Customize or upgrade these standard components at any time:

  • Variable rack power densities from 1 to 50kW, in the same row
  • Overhead power busways — configurable, non-disruptive, and expandable on demand
  • Built-in eSync® units remove and absorb heat from the source
  • Redundant and diverse network connectivity
  • First 6 cross connects included free with every 24 racks per enclosure
  • Lockable enclosures with opaque walls for privacy and air containment

Remote Hands Support

Get expert assistance with colocation equipment racking, reboots, disk changes, triage, cross connections, and more. Regardless of your configuration or commitment, our systems engineers and network technicians are available on-site whenever you need them.

Connectivity Services

Access a robust network of carrier providers for high reliability connections and low-latency transport wherever you need to go. Our modern network infrastructure and intuitive software defined network (SDN) seamlessly adapt to your hybrid IT needs.

On-net Data Center Carriers

For simple and fast turn-up, choose from a variety of network providers, fully lit and available on-net, at Aligned Data Centers’ carrier-neutral facilities.

Connection Services

Utilize layer 2 pathways to nearby carrier hotels where your data can interconnect to the provider of your choice.

  • Choose from a wide selection of network carriers in your metro area network
  • Interconnect to deployments at other Aligned Data Center facilities and third party data centers
  • Access leading cloud providers such as AWS, Google, Azure, and SoftLayer

Transport Services

In conjunction with our network partners, carrier-grade Layer 2 and Layer 3 transport services make connecting and extending your IT presence easier.

  • Dedicated or Blended IP Bandwidth from a broad choice of ISPs
  • Point to Point high-speed, low latency blended connectivity available through a variety of wholesale partners
  • Dedicated protected and unprotected 10 Gigabit Ethernet channels between Aligned Data Centers and nearby carrier hotels

Data Center Services

Our seasoned employees and valued alliance partners have years of experience engineering, building, and operating data centers.

This is our passion. You can count on us for data center services that help you maintain the performance, reliability, and transparency you need to support your most critical business systems.

Client Portal

Included with every footprint, Aligned Data Centers client portal features a fully integrated user experience that spans asset monitoring, ticketing, business intelligence, and capacity forecasting. Get broad transparency and control from a convenient and singular entry point.

Premium Client Portal

Customize your portal to your exact specifications, or extend asset monitoring and analytics across your hybrid IT environment or beyond, giving you broad control and visibility of cloud, XaaS, colocation, or in-house assets.

Dedicated Office Space

Strengthen your operational performance and ensure efficiency with dedicated office space at Aligned Data Centers. Your work space is connected to our UPS system for consistent and reliable functionality.

Professional Services

Working through our alliance partners, we offer a full portfolio of professional services to support your colocation objectives:

  • Custom Implementation Project Management of your colocation footprint
  • Cabling for your colocation footprint
  • Design of your colocation footprint

Built to Suit

If a multi-tenant solution doesn’t fit your needs, we’ll work with you to design and build data center facilities to your specifications. Our dedicated site selection team will assist in market research, site selection, sizing, standardized layouts, design/review, and even BIM modeling. Learn more here.

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