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the Data Center

With on-demand provisioning and cloud-inspired pricing, we keep resources and costs in sync with your evolving business needs. Engineered for reliability and incremental scalability, our Tier III data centers ensure 100% availability, regulatory compliance, and ultra-efficiency under any load. Now you can adapt on demand with our dynamic data center, keeping capacity and costs aligned no matter how quickly requirements are changing.

Data Center Dynamic Infrastructure IconDynamic Infrastructure

Face today’s market demands and future IT challenges with confidence. We’ve architected long term resiliency and forward-thinking capabilities into every component of our data centers in a way that uniquely maximizes both reliability and flexibility.

Data Center Award Wining Cooling System Award Icon

Award-winning cooling system —

Rather than pushing cold air in, our patented and award-winning data center cooling system removes heat instead. Modular eSync® heat removal units serve each colocation footprint independently to absorb heat at its source, creating a hyper-scalable and ultra-efficient environment that dynamically adapts to IT loads. Together, our responsive cooling and power systems enable:

  • Flexibility, reliability, and cost savings at any load, in any climate
  • Contractually guaranteed PUE of 1.15
  • Variable rack densities from 1-50kW, in the same row
  • Eliminating stranded capacity, both vertically and horizontally
Data Center Variable Cooling System Icon

Variable high density power up to 50KW —

Our modular power and cooling systems serve each footprint independently, so we can respond in real-time to variable IT loads. Mix rack densities from 1 to 50kW in the same row, and use as many power-dense racks as you need. Rest assured, you will have the power you need—when you need it.

Aligned Data Center Review by Steve Fairfax of Mtechnology
Aligned Data Centers is the first data center provider we have seen to architect itself from day one to deliver a more reliable platform. From its use of the most reliable cooling platform we have ever evaluated, to its selection of generation platforms, they are the first provider to focus on reliability centered improvements from design through operations.
Steve Fairfax, MTechnology

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Data Center Centralized Control IconCentralized Control

Our client portal offers true transparency, with a singular entry point that spans capacity planning, asset optimization, ticketing, and business intelligence. Instead of multiple access points, you have one centralized portal, enabling broader visibility and a more insightful approach to asset management.

  • Reporting, real-time monitoring, and data center management tools
  • Rack-level power consumption and utilization tracking
  • Predictive indicators and analysis
  • Preset triggers for automated responses and actions

Adaptive Data Centers IconAdaptive Data Centers

At Aligned Data Centers, you don’t have to grow out of your colocation footprint—it grows along with you. We can deliver a scalable data center solution sized precisely to your requirements today, and provision capacity on demand as your needs evolve. Resources scale rapidly and incrementally, giving you the flexibility to respond to new market demands without the risk of buying more capacity than you need.

  • Dynamic systems ramp up and down in real-time as IT loads change
  • On-demand provisioning
  • Incremental scalability
  • Variable, mixed density on demand up to 50kW per rack

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Economic Data Center Flexibility IconEconomic Flexibility

We offer colocation services as a utility—consumable in the amount you need, as you need it. It’s an evolved colocation pricing model inspired by cloud economics: you pay only for the space, power, and cooling you need now, with confidence knowing you can scale on demand as your requirements change.

  • Cloud-inspired colocation pricing
  • Rapid, modular deployment
  • Just in time provisioning and hyper-scalability
  • Guaranteed 1.15 PUE; Data center energy efficiency that delivers additional cost savings