Why Choose Aligned Data Centers

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You Control What You Need and When

We’ve made the data center elastic. You determine how much capacity you need, when you need it.

Our dynamic infrastructure aligns with your variable IT loads. Mix rack densities from 1-50kW in the same aisle.

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You Pay Less and Reduce Risk

Our pricing model allows you to control data center capacity for up to 70% lower cost than traditional colocation providers, that is immediately available for your needs and has moved your total cost to align with your actual use. Your monthly power costs are reduced by our guaranteed 1.15 PUE.

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You Scale Smarter and Faster

Our client portal provides the visibility you need to make informed, insight-driven decisions, with a customizable DCIM dashboard.

Our integrated supply chain provides agility allowing you to provision additional capacity in 8 to 12 weeks.

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You Get Reliability + Efficiency

We earned Tier III Facility and Design Certifications from Uptime Institute, validating that our Plano, Texas data center is consistent with your uptime objectives.

By removing the complexities of traditional infrastructure – using less power and water - our data centers are both highly resilient and energy efficient.

Our patented, award-winning electrical and mechanical systems have been commissioned in some of the most demanding production environments and are designed for concurrent maintainability, provide 2N redundancy, and are designed with less moving parts for less chances of failure. 

We offer a 100% uptime service level agreement and carrier-neutral connectivity to ensure your IT operation is always online.

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You’re Secure and Compliant

Your data is safe and secure with our comprehensive and compliant multi-layer security control systems.

This includes 24x7x365 in-house security, global monitoring, perimeter fencing, laser detection, and RFID tracking. 

Our client portal provides real-time visibility so you know exactly what is going on inside your data center.

What Does This Mean For Your Organization?


IT is critical to your business, but it's not your core business. Predicting IT loads is hard given the constantly changing technology landscape. We let you secure the capacity you need for growth while giving you the flexibility to pay for what you use. Our consumption-based model eliminates stranded capacity and capital, giving you control of your data center in ways not possible before.

Service Providers

Over-provisioned data center capacity can cut into your margins, making your service business less profitable. Our pay-for-use model lowers your upfront commitment by up to 70%, which allows you to deploy that capital in other areas of your business. And our guaranteed 1.15 PUE lowers your monthly power bill, so you can do more while spending less.

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What Does This Mean For You?



Greater control means I can

  • Right-size my data center investment
  • Move my business ahead faster and gain a competitive advantage
  • Manage and mitigate financial and operational risk
  • Rationalize demand for new data center capacity
  • Deploy capital to higher-return investments

Less waste means I can

  • Reduce cost, improve profitability, and deliver greater shareholder value
  • Support more sustainable business growth
  • Meet or exceed my company’s energy efficiency mandates and improve Sustainability Index evaluations
  • Better manage cash flow and invest in other areas of my business
Information Technology

Information Technology

Greater control means I can

  • Pay for the data center the way we pay for cloud services
  • Scale my data center on my schedule
  • Deliver value to my organization
  • On-demand provisioning of data center capacity

Less waste means I can

  • Reduce my data center costs
  • Reallocate budget to other IT projects
  • Spend less time managing complexity
  • Support my company’s sustainability initiatives


Greater control means I can

  • Right-size my power and cooling needs and eliminate overprovisioning
  • Increase rack densities without adding space and wasting energy
  • Secure future growth space without wasting energy or money

Less waste means I can

  • Reduce water usage by up to 85%
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce raw materials consumption
Real Estate

Real Estate

Greater control means I can

  • Secure future growth capacity today at a much lower cost
  • Deliver any power density required by my IT team
  • Eliminate capacity management issues
  • Better manage the data center
  • Eliminate capacity provisioning delay and delivery risk

Less waste means I can

  • Significantly reduce the cost of my data center footprint
  • Deliver value by supporting my company’s data center consolidation plans
  • Meet or exceed my company’s energy efficiency mandates

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